Group Rules

  • This group relies on it's people being active in the group in order to fulfill it's purpose to be a social group. Therefore users on this site who have been inactive longer than 6 months, will be deleted.
  • This group will be a social orientated, not a sexual orientated group. Therefore, we are open and welcome to people of all genders and orientations. Sexual intercourse between human-pups and masters will therefore be discouraged AT EVENTS. (What you do in your private home is your business, and if something were to happen at an event, it wouldn't be the end of the world, at the same time we don't want it to be the norm.)
  • This group will not a have an exclusive membership, necessarily; however it will be invitation only.
  • This group will not have "colors" to start. This website contains graphics and logos that have copyrights and trademarks that are owned by Myself and my pup. Even if we eventually allow others to use, wear, or display those logos, W/we will still own the trademarks and copyrights, and can - if necessary - revoke an individual's right to use that image.
  • This group will be exclusive to human-puppies and their human companions only. In order to preserve and protect the unique puppy energy we will not allow people to break out into horsey (pony) or kitty, or any other human-animal.
  • This group will NOT be open to bio-canines and their human companions.
  • If you wish to leave this group, send me an email (you can use the "Contact Us" page). If you know someone who wants to be a part of this group, send me an email telling me who they are, and have them register on this site and request to be a member by using the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page.
  • Invitations to events will be done through this site. A mass e-mail will be sent out notifying you of an upcoming event.
  • Because of the nature of this group, I will be asking people to volunteer their private property to allow us a place to play. Do not share information about a private place with the general public. Member only events that are posted on this site will have driving instructions and a link to Google Maps, but they will only be visible to official members of A-PAH and not the general public who visits this site.
  • I will indicate in the email that I send out, whether the event host welcomes guests or not. If you are allowed to bring guests, please bring people you know, who will contribute to the energy and spirit of the puppy group.
  • The host and/or the organizers of any social event taking place in a private place reserve the right to ask anyone to leave. I also reserve the right to delete anyone from this site, for any reason. Don't give me a reason. (Please note, I am not a power-hungry exclusive person, and will not kick a person out for no reason. If I have a reason, I have a good reason.)
  • The purpose of this group will be to explore the safe and consensual acts of puppy play, and to learn and teach our fellow pups and trainers in a fun and social climate. Destructive, non-safe, non-consensual behaviors will be frowned upon, and will likely make you unwelcome at future events.
  • This group is called Arizona Pups & Handlers, abbreviated A-PAH and pronounced "a paw."
  • Remaining a registered user on this site and participating in events implies your consent to follow the rules of A-PAH as outlined above.